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    10bet Casino

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    32Red Casino

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    Betfair Casino

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    Omni Slots

    Omni Slots

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    Casino Ventura

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    Winner Casino

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    Casino Room

    Casino Room

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About Casino Welcome Bonuses

    Casino welcome bonuses are the most common thing between all online casinos. They are fighting and spending huge amounts of money to get new players to Sign-up. It’s also called a sign-up bonus or match bonus which usually is the most beneficial offer and new player usually is allowed to use it only once. There are some casinos which offer 2nd and 3rd deposit bonuses for new customers and some of the even provides you with welcome package which includes several benefits you are allowed to take a part if you are new with them.

    It is very simple with welcome match bonuses they can be from 50% up to 400% of you first deposit. We have seen even 500% and even 1000% but don’t fall in these lovely numbers, usually cheap companies uses them to get new sign-ups, but for you as player they are often worthless because of the enormous wagering requirements or there usually is some hidden rule which seems impossible to complete. Most popular and trusted companies will usually offer 100% or 200% of your deposit.

How it works?

    The mathematics is easy here if you deposit £50 in case of 100% bonus, you will be credited with extra £50, which means you will be able to play with £100. It increases the possibility for you to win bigger pot because you can bet higher or you can bet more times.

You should know

    • This type of bonus requires completing wagering criteria before the winnings can be released. For example, if you deposit £10 and you get an extra £10 your balance is £20 which should be rolled over 30 times. That means you have to make bets for £600 before you have withdraw any of your balance.

    • Also you should check which games you are allowed to play, as many casinos gives you the bonus but did not clear out which games you are allowed to play. For example, in case you did not read T&C fully and don’t know which games counts toward the wagering requirement you will choose the game you like the most. In case you win some pot and complete the wagering on game which is not in the list you will still be unable to release your winnings.

    • Check the maximum stake you are allowed to bet, it’s important as if you over go the maximum amount of bet per T&C, casino may cancel you winnings together with the bonus and leave you on the amount of your deposit on your balance. That’s is also the thing which may destroy all the fun.

    • Find out is your preferred payment method is included.

We advise

    We advise when you deposit and get your bonus and have chosen your game play on bigger stakes as you balance high. Once you win some pot and you thing you may complete the requirements, reduce you stake, it may help you to last longer and to meet the wagering criteria.

    Before choosing your casino check the 4 points above, and if they meet your criteria you are good to go.

promotional offers

Promotional offers are changing every week and even more often. Our task is to update them as soon as they change and become better or worse. On the list above you will find from our opinion most valuable promotional offers comparing the value of the bonus and wagering requirements. You just need to know what kind of gambling you are referring to and what kind of bonus you are looking for. Pick one of the list to find out more.

If you don't know yet what kind of bonus is better for you but you are feeling lucky and want to try your daily dose of luck- check out the Best Bonuses list. We have listed 5 good brands which are well known worldwide and are offering from our opinion most beneficial Casino and Sports betting bonuses. All 5 brands are very trusted and you shouldn't face any disappointment while playing with them.

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